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Once upon a time, Acapulco was the place to be and be seen. Among its most prized guests were the pampered Hollywood celebrity sect of the 1930s and 40s. They all came for the same reason - to stretch out alongside the collection of beautiful bronzed bodies on Acapulco's sun-drenched playground.

Today, vacationers to Acapulco's shores come just as much for the ecotourism as they do for the beach. Pick from one of thousands of the city's resorts – they all might have their own unique characteristics, but all offer the beach at your doorstep. Acapulco is still the largest and most decadent of Mexico's resort destinations, even though celebrities now seek their sun and sand elsewhere. Now Acapulco's sizzling nightlife and sultry beaches are ready to welcome the rest of us.

Just because we dream of living like movie stars doesn't mean we can handle 7-straight days of it! Acapulco's never-ending nightlife and frenzied tourist areas might cause one to seek a bit of refuge in these nearby sanctuaries:

Ixtapa, Mexico – a charming seaside village tempts tourists from Acapulco with their mix of swank high-rise hotels and leisurely culture. The soothing ocean waves of Ixtapa cause many to make the 4 to 5 hour trip north for a break from Acapulco.

Puerto Escondido, Mexico – lays 6-hours south of Acapulco and offers lush nature, stellar surf, and pretty but inexpensive inns - all in a subdued village ambience.

Oaxaca Coast, Mexico – is where you'll encounter the Bahías de Huatulca, nine pristine bays on Oaxaca's ecologically-rich coastline. Here adventures abound to the like of bay tours, scuba diving, and river rafting.

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