Acapulco Excursions

Vacationers to Acapulco's shores are drawn for the same reason that Hollywood stars once were – for the thrill and breathtaking beauty! It won't take long for you to fall for Acapulco's charms, especially with these must see Acapulco excursion sights:

La Quebrada, Acapulco – The 30 meter cliffs at La Quebrada act as the platform for La Quebrada's cliff divers, who have been wowing tourists since the early 1930s. The dives take place in La Quebrada's narrow ocean cove; the same site where Elvis Presley prayed (just as the divers do before each leap) at the cliff's small shrine in the 1963 film 'Fun in acapulco'. Tourists can get a fantastic panoramic view of the divers and the cliffs from the terrace at Plaza Las Glorias El Mirador Hotel or from the hotel restaurant and bar - La Perla. After the show, stick around with your special someone to watch the most romantic sunset you've even seen.

Pie de la Cuesta – Those looking to break from Acapulco's non-stop heated action can take an excursion bus from La Costera to Pie de la Cuesta (or Foot of the Sunset in English). Located just 6-miles northwest of Acapulco this narrow sliver of paradise is hugged by beach and ocean on one side and nestled against the Laguna de Coyuca, a freshwater pool on the other side. Pie de la Cuesta's pristine solitude has been untouched by the hand of commercialism – so evident amid Acapulco's sprawling resorts. This area is 3-times as large as Acapulco Bay and is fantastic for swimming, water-skiing and boating however the riptide is quite strong and dangerous for inexperienced swimmers. Pie de la Cuesta's lagoon leads to three islands – one which provided the jungle locale for Sylvester Stallone's film 'Rambo'.

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