Must See Acapulco

Visitors will be awe-struck by the contrast of Acapulco's overcrowded city center, compared to its scenic outlaying areas. The panoramic views beheld at the following Acapulco historic and beach sites will leave you absolutely breathless.

Fuerte de San Diego – was built in 1616 to protect Acapulco's trade boom from blood-thirsty Dutch and English pirates. Fort San Diego protected Acapulco's shores up until an earthquake shook the city in 1776. After it was rebuilt Fuerte de San Diego continued to protect Mexico's largest city until the 19th century. Today, the fort remains basically untouched by modern man. Thanks to the Instituto Nacional de Antropologia e Historia it has been restored to its former glory and now includes the Museo Historica de Acapulco – the historical rendering of Acapulco's history.

Playa Caleta & Playa Caletilla – Acapulco's favorite family beaches are small but set apart from the heavy tourist areas. In the olden days, these beaches were the hotspots for pampered Hollywood types. Much of the area's shopping, traditional Mexican and seafood restaurants still cater to visitors, but are generally overlooked by revel-rousing tourists. The water at both Caleta and Caletilla is calm enough for little swimmers, plus the Mundo Marino Aquarium & Fun Center is tucked right in between.

Coyuca Lagoon – Acapulco's hidden gem is located just 10-miles north of Acapulco Bay. This fresh-water paradise covers 28-square miles and takes guests to where life is simple and infused with beauty. Coyuca Lagoon is a bird-lovers paradise – over 250 colorfully winged birds reside here. Enjoy fishing, water-skiing or relaxing with a 'cerveza' (beer) in one of Coyuca Lagoon's guest hammocks.

Isla La Roqueta – or Roqueta Beach & Island offers a picture-postcard view of Acapulco Bay. Visitors are urged to take the glass-bottom boat for the 10-minute ride from Caleta Beach, where you will sail over the sunken statue of the patron saint Guadalupe. Once on-land the kids will love Roqueta Island's zoo – full of exotic lions, alligators, leopards, giraffes, zebras, colorful birds and serpents. Snorkeling in the island's calm waters will reveal a wealth of marine wonders.

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