Acapulco Restaurants

Acapulco restaurants have more dining options than any other Mexican city. Mexico's largest city, Acapulco features a tantalizing assortment of restaurants – and good prices to boot! Acapulco's restaurants are tucked away in the hills and cliffs surrounding the picturesque bay – making them perfect for romantic meals.

Here are three examples of Acapulco's finest and most scenic restaurants:

El Olvido Restaurant– offers elegant terrace dining overlooking a dazzling vista of Acapulco Bay. El Olvido's menu will satisfy the most sophisticated of palates. Sure it's rather expensive, but the splurge is worth every euphoric taste bud. El Olivido's signature entrees include juicy quail prepared in honey or tender sea bass brushed with savory cilantro. Main courses range from $15 to $35 a plate.

El Amigo Miguel Restaurant– the succulent aromas of freshly prepared Mexican seafood waft from El Amigo Miguel's spacious al fresco dining room. Seafood lovers are tempted here to enjoy the unique flavors of house specialties such as 'camarones borrachos' or 'drunken shrimp' – mouthwatering shrimp prepared in a mixture of beer and other ingredients – grilled red snapper or other famous seafood medleys. El Amigo Miguel is located just west of Acapulco's 'zocalo' (meaning town square). Entrees are $5 to $30.

Spicey Restaurant– located just south of Acapulco in the Las Brias area, Spicey is just as its name suggests – a piquant mix of food and panache. Relish a meal of coconut shrimp, juicy beef tenderloin or blackened fish in Spicey's indoor air-conditioned splendor or outside on the romantic rooftop terrace where the picturesque bay will provide your romantic dinner ambience.

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