Acapulco Shopping

Acapulco shopping offers no shortage of upscale boutiques, traditional handicraft markets, unusual shops and souvenir stands. The most popular on Acapulco tourist shopping lists are designer duds found at the many discount stores, handmade leather goods, and locally manufactured textiles, unique pieces of silver jewelry, native-made ceramics, and paintings sold by local Mexican artists.

Acapulco Market - Acapulquenos (the people of Acapulco) do most of their shopping in the public market place. In this market you will find no kitschy souvenir stands, but a littering of merchants peddling fresh cuts of meat, vegetables, fruits, hand carvings, flowers and some clothing such as handcrafted jewelry or leather sandals. It is advisable to arrive early in the morning as most vendors close by 1pm. The market is open daily and will take you at least 2-hours to explore adequately.

The Zona Dorada (Spanish for 'The Golden Area'), is Acapulco's largest and most visited shopping district. Zona Dorada is often called the 'Mexican Sunset Boulevard.' It's home to exclusive designer shops showcasing big names like Guess, Pepe Jeans, Peer, Benetton and Jean Pierre – just to name a few. In addition to designer duds, Zona Dorada embraces Playa Condesa, Acapulco's trendiest and liveliest beach, with its assortment of delectable and pricy beachfront eateries. It is in Playa Condesa's hip restaurants – such as Baby Lobster, La Mansion and Suntory - where Acapulco's nightlife heats up.

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