Things to do in Acapulco

Sure it will be difficult to tear yourself away from Acapulco's golden beaches, but just so you know there are plenty of opportunities for thrills like bungee jumping, horseback riding on the beach, mountain biking, or even for a round of golf or tennis. Guided jungle tours are also very popular Acapulco things to do and are a way for sightseers to learn about Acapulco's lush and vibrant jungle life from the safety of a bus or road ranger. Acapulco also offers the following thrills:

Acapulco Bullfights – If the color red gets you all fired up, perhaps you'd like to experience the white-knuckle adrenaline of a bullfight. Traditional Mexican bullfights are called 'Fiesta Brava' and are held weekly at Acapulco's Plaza de Toros (from December through to March). Tickets purchased through travel agencies cost around $17 to $40.

Laguna de Tres Palos (Jungle Tour) - The swamp of Laguna de Tres Palos is brimming with Acapulco jungle wilderness activities. It's at this spot where many early Tarzan films were shot – amid the bottomless freshwater lagoon and scores of tropical vegetation and rich-voiced birds like herons. If you would rather venture the jungle alone, rent a boat and canoe through the mangroves swamp without a tour.

Golf and Tennis – Take your best swing at one of Acapulco's finest great courses - Club de Golf Acapulco is a nine-hole, luxury golf course right in the center of town. The remaining four championship golf courses – including The Acapulco Princess Golf Course and The Pierre Marques Golf Course- are located to just south of Acapulco's downtown, near the airport. The Mayan Palace Golf & Tennis Complex offers play on its stunning waterfront courses and courts. While Acapulco's best-kept clay tennis courts are found at the Club de Tenis Panoramic – located in the hills of Playa Condes – and as the name suggests amid the most stunning of vistas.

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