Waste of Time or Money

Bartering - A good system to follow when in Acapulco, or anywhere in Mexico for that matter, is the bartering system. While shopping in Acapulco never settle for the first price they give you – whether it be in an outdoor marketplace, a grocery store, a Mexican Flea Market, a traditional Mexican craft shop or over cab fare with a taxi driver. Haggling is a big part of Latin American culture so many of the vendors and local merchants will quote you an extremely high price on their merchandise because they expect you will try to barter them down.

Pickpockets & Purse Snatchers – If crowded places are more likely to draw more pickpockets and thieves, then Acapulco is the prime place to lose your wallet. It's unfortunate that tourists must worry about thievery while on vacation, but the reality is that Mexico has had earned a reputation for its pickpockets, purse snatchers and con artists. If you follow these simple rules you will leave Acapulco with your wallet in tact:

- Be especially alert at airports, bus stations, subways, public events and festivals, at outdoor markets and when attending street celebrations. Pick pockets and purse snatchers do their best business in crowded areas where people are often bumping into each other.
-Only carry as much money as you'll need. When venturing downtown Acapulco it is best to leave the majority of money, passports and other valuables locked in your hotel room safe.
-Don't carry an expensive purse – these are obvious targets for thieves.
-Carry a shoulder bag tucked into your chest or wear a money belt tucked under your clothes when in crowded areas.

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