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Buses and taxis are the most frequent form of travel on Acapulco's bustling city streets. Both are fairly inexpensive and reliable. Those looking to go exploring outside the city can rent a car at their hotel or upon arriving at the Acapulco airport.

Acapulco Taxis - are easily accessible and inexpensive throughout Acapulco's downtown tourist areas. Acapulco's taxis are typically VW Bugs with cheesy, flashing lights so that they can be spotted easily on crowded streets. You can hire a taxi ride in a VW Bug for about $2 to $10 per ride. Classier rides can be had in 'Sitio' taxis which are more like town-style cars and more expensive.

Note to tourists: It is always a good idea to determine a set price with your taxi driver before getting into the cab. Unlike many other cities in Mexico, Acapulco's taxis are cheaper when hailed from the street, not through your hotel, as they charge more than double the rate of a hailed cab.

Acapulco Buses - Because Acapulco is a miss-mash of winding streets, using city buses can be the easiest and most inexpensive way to get around town. Tourists will find covered bus stops with handy route maps – highlighting all major attractions, tourist districts and hotel zones. Acapulco makes use of two types of buses:

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