Cabo San Lucas Vacations

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico is located at the tip of the rugged Baja California Peninsula, also called Baja California Sur. Commonly referred to as 'Cabo Wabo' (a term made particularly famous by Van Halen frontman Sammy Hagar who owns a Mexican nightclub bar called the 'Cabo Wabo Cantina' here). Cabo San Lucas has also tempted stars like Iggy Pop to build vacation homes near here and even inspired the rock band The Eagles to write the lyrics for 'Hotel California' while staying in this Mexican vacation paradise.

Cabo San Lucas radiates with the unabashed energy of college kids drunk on tequila and sun. Others come for the fabulous golf and thriving sport fishing opportunities. Unlike the hard-partying Mecca that is Cancun this once rustic fishing town has adopted its own version of the Mexican vacation; one that resembles more of the hedonism and trendiness of Los Angeles– which is responsible for doubling the Cabo San Lucas population during the peak tourist seasons.

Cabo San Lucas is renowned for its parties and as a hotspot for cruising for members of the opposite sex. It's said that couples who come to vacation in Cabo are asking for disaster. With all of the uninhibited eye-candy, sunning themselves on Cabo's equally gorgeous sun-soaked beaches, it's no wonder why this is a paradise for single unattached people looking to party.

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