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Sure, Cabo San Lucas knows how to party, but after slinging back tequila and tacos for 5-days straight you might need a little vacation from your vacation. The best place to find some solitude from the chaos of Cabo is in Todos Santos (or 'All Saints').

Todos Santos is located on Mexico's Baja Peninsula, sometimes called the 'Gulf of California', just south of the United States. This strip of Mexican paradise is surrounded by the tepid ocean waves of the Sea of Cortez, and includes: Todos Santos, La Paz, Cabo San Lucas, San Jose del Cabo and Loreto in its family of towns.

Todos Santos is a divers, golfers and artists Eden. Just a 50-mile drive north of Cabo, entering Todos Santos is like stepping into another world of quaint colonial architecture creeping quietly closer to the Ocean and lush palm trees hanging thick with mangos and papayas. But as stunning as Todos Santos is to behold it's still very much unknown to the tourist industry.

Todos Santos offers a vacation untouched by the hand of commercialism but rich with the handprints of Mexican artisans, craft vendors and tradition. Everything here is accessible by foot – which is perfect for tourist exploration. Todos Santos has drawn celebrities like Iggy Pop with it's old-world ambience and inspired musicians like the Eagles, said to have penned the lyrics for 'Hotel California' after staying in Todos Santos.

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