Cabo Shopping

Cabo San Lucas is the quintessential shopping Mecca with jewelry and pottery stores, art galleries, handmade home furnishings and artsy boutiques topping the Mexican shopping agenda.

Downtown Cabo San Lucas shopping is best explored on foot. The areas most popular restaurants, hot nightclubs, luxurious monuments and architecture, and shops filled souvenirs, arts and crafts, jewelry, pottery, beachwear and clothing are all close at hand. Downtown Cabo San Lucas is a treasure trove brimming with merchants and local artisans selling everything from traditional Mexican artifacts, textiles and authentic Mexican crafts.

In addition to bustling markets, strips of unique boutiques and souvenir shops, downtown Cabo San Lucas is also home to the Puerto Paraiso Entertainment Plaza; where Cabo's most luxurious designer items await more sophisticated shoppers.

Since the opening of Puerto Paraiso Plaza in 2001 many have started to refer to the Boulevard Marina and its neighboring streets, which make up Cabo San Lucas' main downtown shopping district, as 'Old Town Cabo San Lucas. This area offers just about every shopping pleasure and quaint restaurants that you can imagine. Located near the harbor, Boulevard Marina is a magnificent area to browse through the little Cabo San Lucas shopping boutiques that line both sides of the street. Shoppers can literally spend hour upon hour window shopping for home furnishings, Mexican art and purely decorative pieces.

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