Things to do in Cabo

Spring breakers and hedonistic partygoers come to Cabo San Lucas for its inhibited party atmosphere. Cabo Wabo is a major cruise-zone where many come to 'hook up' with members of the opposite sex. The majority of these mating rituals take place on Cabo's gorgeous sun-soaked beaches. So remember to take in some of the following stunning beach scenery in the midst of gazing at all those beautiful bodies.

These are two of Cabo San Lucas' most striking and frequented beaches:

Playa del Amor – or Lover's Beach, will surely make you fall in love at its feet. A panorama of towering rock cliffs, jagged reefs and secret crevices, Playa del Amor is Baja California's most-prized beachscape, featured on many a postcard. Better yet, this beach offers its swimmers access to both the Pacific Ocean and Cabo San Lucas Bay, while sorcerers and scuba divers can explore the rocky reefs or sunken ships in its waters. And if you desire to catch a glimpse of a sea lion glass bottom boats offer tours on a regular basis.

Playa Médano – better known as Dune Beach to the English-speaking tourists, is renowned for its gently-lapping waves amid its rocking bars and restaurants. This area is where revelers come to whoop it up – on land and in the water. Playa Medano offers the perfect setting for a day of adrenaline in the water, as equipment for windsurfing, sea kayaking, parasailing and jet skiing is all readily available on this stretch of beach. And if you're really brave feel free to sign up for beachside bungee jumping.

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