Waste of Time or Money

Cabo San Lucas Scams & Rip Offs – some merchants or shopkeepers in downtown Cabo San Luca, Mexico may try to run a 'Rip of the Tourist' scam on foreign visitors. The most common scam is done by not using the designated product scanner to ring up purchases with. Instead cashiers will ring up the product by hand on the till – basically inventing a price that is much higher for the merchandise and pocketing the leftovers. To prevent being scammed ensure the cashier uses the scanner and if he/she refuses or says it's broken go to another store.

It is also a good idea to keep an eye out and a head count of how much change you should be getting back. Unfortunately, some shopkeepers will take your knowledge of the local currency exchange for granted and shortchange you on your purchases in pesos. To prevent being shortchanged carry a calculator with you and predetermine your change before approaching the cash register.

Nasty Mexican Cigarettes – If you expect to go to 'flavor country' when smoking a pack you bought in Mexico - you are in for a rude awakening. Sure cartons of Mexican cigarettes are cheaper then the same U.S. brands (selling for between $11.00 and $16.00 for premium brand smokes), but the taste is drastically inferior to the same pack you'd buy in the U.S. In truth, the cigarettes sold in many Mexican stores have a much longer shelf life then what is recommended - and 'stale' is an understatement. Save your taste buds and pack some extra cartons of smokes to bring with you on your vacation.

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