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Cabo San Lucas is one of Mexico's most popular tourist destinations. During peak vacation times –such as the Christmas and New Years holiday and of course during spring break – Cabo San Lucas' population swells to double the size. This is why taxis and buses (although somewhat crowded and uncomfortable) are the prime modes of city transportation.

Cabo San Lucas Taxis - In downtown Cabo San Lucas taxis are the way to get around town. 'Aeroterrestre' taxis are the bright-yellow, government-run minivans. They are usually more economical then other taxi cab companies in Cabo San Lucas because their rates are controlled and set by the government, so you won't have to haggle the driver for a good rate.

Cabo San Lucas Buses - The great thing about the bus service in Cabo San Lucas is that the bus driver will stop, when it's requested, at any of the beaches or hotels along the main Corridor.

Cabo San Lucas Rental Cars and Driving – The population of Cabo San Lucas is 28,500 people, but this total doubles during peak holiday seasons and during spring break (March and April) with over eager students and partygoers. It is an understatement to say that Cabo's roads are jam-packed with traffic during these high-peak vacation times. If you are a tourist and unfamiliar with Cabo's streets and driving regulations it is advisable to opt for bus or taxi cab transportation as an alternative to traffic chaos. Plus, parking in Cabo San Lucas can be an absolute nightmare during tourist season. If you can't be deterred from driving your own car or rental another option is to park in the free public car park at the southern end of Blvd Marina. If you can find a spot it is a smart to park your car for the day while you explore the city on foot.

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