Cancun Events

Cancun is host to a wide variety of conferences and exhibitions - many in relation to the travel and tourism industry.

Carnival (First part of March) – Cancun, along with the rest of Latin America and the Caribbean, explodes into a wild party. Carnival is the Latin/Caribbean mother-of-all party's equivalent to Mardi Gras in New Orleans. Its traditional purpose is to celebrate before the upcoming solemn lent season. This pre-Ash Wednesday event is a culmination of a full year of planning; it includes tens of thousands of revelers, masqueraders, elaborate parades, frenzied street parties and fabulous food and drink.

Cancun Jazz Festival (May) - Jazz lovers descend upon Cancun during this smoky 3-day festival celebrating the sounds of world-class Jazz in tropical, beachfront paradise. Each year Cancun's Jazz Festival showcases the best international jazz musicians, as well as its unique Mexican and Mayan culture.

International Gay Festival (May 12 to 16) – Cancun embraces gay and lesbian guests from all over the globe for this celebration of peace and freedom. Cancun's beaches provide the setting for the weekend's welcome mariachi party, Caribbean Cruise, bar-hopping and beach barbeque festivities. All-inclusive festival packages include beachfront hotel accommodation, festival admission and round trip airfare to what is becoming a popular gay travel destination.

Autumnal Equinox (3rd week in September) – This would be the most ideal time to see Chichen Itza in all it's glory. The autumn equinox is one of two occasions where you will see the shadow of the serpent Kukulcan slither down the steps of El Castillo to meet the head of the stone carved snake at the base of the temple. This dissension only takes place twice per year – at the autumn and spring equinoxes. Dancers and music are the entertainment leading up to the equinox.

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