Cancun Excursions

Cancun's stunning beaches beckon over 10,000 college and university students across the world. Spring Break in Cancun has become a rite of passage for many it figures in tequila, foam parties, mingling with the opposite sex, wet t-shirt contests and all-night discos. But all of the hedonistic parties are framed by the backdrop of Cancun's soft sandy beaches and clear blue waters. Access to many of Cancun's beaches is acquired through hotel lobbies; so if you're a guest a one of the larger resorts, chances are the best stretch of beach will be right at your doorstep. But this doesn't mean you have to be a guest of the resort to do so. According to Mexico's beach bylaw every beach in the country is public and anyone is free to enjoy the sun and sand (with the exception of military beaches).

For swimming, keep in mind that Caribbean beaches have a strong undertow and conditions can change from safe to unsafe in mere minutes; while the beaches on the northern part of the island are typically calm. Cancun's beaches use the water-safety pennant system; which indicate the following:

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