Things to Do in Cancun

Vacationers spend the most time recreating on Cancun's sprawling golden beaches. For obvious reasons diving and snorkeling are popular pastimes. If you've never scuba dived before, Cancun has plenty of dive operators who are eager to teach you. Cancun's most popular reef is the Gran Acerife Maya (or the Great Mesoamerican Reef). It's one of the world's largest and most vivid reefs. Cancun's shallow, opulent waters are also perfect for snorkeling.

Cancun's other favored water recreations include motor boating, jet skiing, windsurfing, kayaking and sail boating on Laguna Nichupe, the lagoon just west of Cancun.

Speaking of boats…a great way to see Cancun's lush mangrove swamps is via a Jungle Tour. Ticket prices include a motorized boat trip, through Cancun's untouched waters, while a guide explains the fragile mangrove eco-system and its unique inhabitants. The last leg of the Jungle Tour takes guests to view Mexico's Caribbean Reefs.

Ole! At the Plaza de Toros, Cancun's small bullring, bullfights take place every Wednesday afternoon. Bullfighting has become tightly wound into the culture of Mexico as a brutal sport introduced by Spanish viceroys in the 1600's. I must warn those who wish to catch a traditional Mexican bullfight that they will be exposed to blood and animal violence. If you are an animal-lover (like I am) please don't be a spectator at a bullfight. Each bullfight begins with a folkloric dance exhibition accompanied by music and elaborate costumes, as well as a performance of skill by 'charros' (Mexican cowboys). Tickets cost $35 for adults (kids are free) and seating is based on a first come basis.

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