Waste of Time or Money

Hotel Vendors - For obvious reasons much of Cancun's tourist attractions are centered around the hotels. Many hotels, merchants and vendors make your hotel stay super-inclusive, meaning that they make all of your dining, recreation and shopping options easily available. In fact, many vendors will set up shop right inside the hotel at night so that the hotel's guests will be sure to see them whenever exiting or entering the hotel. Keep in mind that many of these vendors charge double for the same handmade Mexican crafts, clothing, t-shirts and souvenirs that you'd find at the downtown flea markets. But if you do see a must-have item at one of these hotel stalls, be sure to bargain for the best price before reaching for your wallet.

Timeshare Scams – You better believe it when I say that timeshare salespeople are just itching for you to get off the plane in Mexico. Generally, they're the first people you'll see when getting off the plane, disguised as tourist information booths handing out maps. But, these are actually recruiting centers for timeshare resorts. In hot tourist areas, like Cancun, they will relentlessly try and schedule you into sales presentations in various locations like the airport, the rental car counters, in taxis, at hotels or even restaurants. Timeshare salesmen are slick they shower you with offers of free merchandise or cash rewards for attending their presentations. Once there, many will create the illusion of new sales to create a buying frenzy or make verbal promises of upgrades by showing you the resort's fanciest rooms with oceanfront views. Keep in mind what you see is not what you get with timeshares.

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