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Cancun by Air: Flying is the fastest and most economical way to reach Cancun, Mexico. Direct flights are available from most major U.S. states to Cancun, as well as from London, England to Cancun.

Cancun Cabs: Taxi fares around Cancun's main hotel centre are quite pricy. Cancun taxis are not metered but charge according to zone. Taxi drivers can be somewhat vague about the zone fee, so it's wise to allow your hotel to call a reputable cab company for you rather then to flag one down yourself. Your hotel will be able to call a taxi company with English speaking drivers.

Cancun Local Bus Service: Catching a local bus in downtown is fairly easy and will only cost about 50-cents (U.S.). Local buses run 24-hours a day up and down the main Avenida Kukulcan. Cancun local buses are generally a clean and fast way to get around town as they offer many routes. Business-class minibuses and vans can be hired for the day to transport you to nearby attractions like places like Tulum and Chichen Itza. These minibuses are cheaper then hiring a cab for the same trip.

Cancun Rent a Car: Driving in Cancun should only be done if you want to take frequent day trips. If you do plan to drive stay on the toll roads.

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