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Cozumel, Mexico, is an island located 44 miles south of Cancun, Mexico. Cozumel's land mass is 28-miles long and 11-miles wide, of mostly flat, undisturbed scrubland and outlaying beaches.

Cozumel, Mexico is renowned as one of the world's top dive destinations. Its southwest coast is home to a towering reef landscape. While non-divers can lounge on Cozumel's beautiful Caribbean shores, or hit the waves – perfect for many boating and water sports.

The only town on Cozumel is San Miguel, whose inhabitants are friendly to visitors and eager to share their restaurants, shops and nightlife. Cozumel enjoys a packed tourist season because of its popularity with cruise lines. In fact, Cozumel welcomes cruise ships to port with a bustling harbor front of markets, eateries and souvenir shops.

While many visitors to Cozumel, Mexico enjoy the seclusion of the island, many find an urge to visit the mainland. Playa del Carmen lies 25 to 45-minute away by ferry and is home to the major ruins of Tulum and the famous Chichén Itzá – the most visited of Mexico's Mayan ruins. The prime time of year to visit Chichen Itza is during the spring (March 21st) or fall (September 21st) equinox, when the afternoon sun casts a shadow on the steps of the temple of El Castillo De Kulkulcan in the shape of a slithering serpent. The serpent is said to represent the deity Kulkulcan – once an ancient Mayan leader.

On the island of Cozumel, Mexico visitors will find over 40 sites containing shrines and ruins from Mayan times, however these aren't nearly as impressive as Playa del Carmen's.

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