Cozumel Diving & Fishing

Visitors to Cozumel, Mexico are lured by the promise of dreamlike diving and snorkeling opportunities – and the waters of Cozumel won't disappoint!

Cozumel is arguably the top dive destination in the Western world. Over 50 dive shops do business in Cozumel, but many vacationing divers choose to save money by purchasing a dive package with their travel agent or hotel. Dive packages vary and can include either one or two days of diving with a certified master diver. But remember if you plan to dive in Cozumel you will have to show your dive certification. And while many dive shops will offer to certify you in an afternoon – you may want to think twice for your own safety.

Cozumel diving follows the technique of drift diving. Drift diving is due to Cozumel's current, which sweeps along the reefs, sucking nutrients back into them. This sucking motion obviously also dictates how you will dive. Cozumel offers spectacular dive locations. The most famous of which is Palancar Reef - with its vast series of caverns and canyons, its marine life and sea coral. The mammoth Santa Rosa Wall is also a favorite dive spot. It is memorable for its array of sponges, colorful sea life, coral as well as its deepness. The San Francisco Reef, Cozumel, while shallower and perhaps better for snorkeling, is an often visited dive location.

Fishing is also a favorite pastime in Cozumel and the overabundance of dive shops leaves little excuse for not casting a line or two while on vacation. The best months for fishing in Cozumel's Gulf waters are from April to September. These months are when blue and white marlin, sailfish, tarpon, swordfish, dorado, tuna and red snapper are the most plentiful. Much of Cozumel's freshly served seafood is taken and prepared fresh from these vary waters.

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