Cozumel Nightlife

Cozumel's nightlife begins and wraps up quite early compared to the rest of Mexico. Cozumel's restaurants are bustling by 8 pm and discos close by midnight. Things are pretty low-key with outdoor cafes, discos, rooftop patios, pubs and live music on the list of night spots. This is because tourists of Cozumel come mainly for the diving and not for the hedonistic party atmosphere. Most are more anxious to get an early dive in the following day then they are to nurse a hangover.

Even though Cozumel isn't renowned for its 'party till dawn' ambience it still offers its share of vibrant Mexican and Salsa music. And on Sunday evenings Cozumel's main square hosts free concerts.

Those looking to party in Cozumel, Mexico should check out these nightspots:

Neptuno – is San Miguel's most popular disco, where guests dance to Latin, dance and top-40s tunes. Neptuno completes the party atmosphere with a nightly laser light show. Neptuno's downtown locale makes it popular with locals and tourists.

Carlos n' Charlies – a rowdier set hang out at this open-air bar. It's known for its varied selection of frozen daiquiris and infamous for its basketball court – which is right on the premises.

The Havana Club – is the classiest joint in Cozumel, Mexico. Guests are shuttled to the second floor bar by elevator, where the doors open to your preference of handmade Mexican cigars and Dominican Republic cigars. Cigars aren't cheap (quality stogies cost about $30), but relaxing with a chilled cocktail or cigar while listening to live jazz is a first-class experience.

The Hard Rock Café, Cozumel- the popular franchise is difficult to miss from the harbor - resembling a Maya ruin and decorated with various rock memorabilia. Here you can enjoy drinks and live music into the wee hours.

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