Cozumel Restaurants

The island of Cozumel, Mexico and its restaurants serve up tasty and reasonably priced dining options for tourists. Keep in mind that the best service and prices for Cozumel's restaurants can be had at restaurants that are away from Cozumel's main street and tourist areas. Part of the intrigue of visiting Cozumel, is for the food. And because Cozumel's restaurants are so varied, there is something for everyone – spicy, vegetarian, fine dining, French, Italian, authentic Mexican, Chinese, Spanish and American. Don't miss an opportunity to try at least one authentic Mexican Cozumel restaurant, in fact, if you are staying at an all-inclusive resort venture off at least once to sample the flavor and ambience of Cozumel and its people.

Cozumel's most renowned restaurant options include:

Guidos Restaurant – this Mediterranean Cozumel restaurant offers scrumptious oven-baked pizza, lasagna, and fish all with one-of-a-kind garlic bread. Guido's restaurant is located on Cozumel's main waterfront street Avenida Rafeal Melgar. The restaurant décor is rustic and romantic - worn wood and sling-back chairs. Relax on the restaurant's patio with a carafe of Sangria. Entrees are $10 to $15 (cash and American Express only).

French Quarter Restaurant – Sample the spice of Cozumel's Louisiana under the French Quarter's open-air thatched roof restaurant. Your taste buds will awaken to Creole blackened crawfish, jambalaya, slathered ribs and char grilled chicken. Enjoy indoor dining in the restaurant or cocktails while you relax in the downstairs bar. Main dishes are $10 to $25.

El Moro Restaurant – Want to sink your teeth into some traditional Mexican food at an authentic Cozumel restaurant? Then come to the El Moro Restaurant, where you'll find generous portions, fabulous service and great prices! The El Moro restaurant décor is tacky orange Formica, but after the first bite your surroundings will be forgotten. Sip a mammoth margarita; dine on enchiladas, grilled pork or the specialty Pollo Ticuleno – a battered and fried chicken, layered in tomato sauce, mashed potatoes, crispy baked corn tortilla, shredded cheese and green peas. The El Moro Restaurant is not in town so taking a taxi is necessary – but definitely worth it! Entrees are $6 to $15.

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