Waste of Time or Money

There are many ways to get the most time and money out of beautiful Cozumel, Mexico. Unfortunately, most vacationers usually have to visit the island a second time after learning which hotels, attractions, tour companies and etc., they would avoid the next time around. We'd like to save you some the time and trouble with a few helpful hints and reviews from other visitors to Cozumel.

All-inclusive Resorts - It's a proven fact that most vacationers to Cozumel who book all-inclusive resort packages would do it differently on their next visit! Sure at an all-inclusive resort your drinks (including alcohol), food and lodging is all taken care of, but many suggest that all-inclusive packages urge you to stay on the resort and rob you of the culture and food of Cozumel. Many return a second time to stay in a hacienda and use their time and money to sample the restaurants, live entertainment, cultural sites and people of Cozumel – rather then stay tucked away on a resort for their entire Mexico vacation.

Island Excursions - If you're visiting Cozumel by cruise ship, many suggest signing up for island excursions offered through your cruise ship. While cruise ship tours may not be the most economical they will save you time searching for local tour companies and scrambling to find restaurants and your way back to the ship on unfamiliar shores. If you arrange a tour though your ship you won't get lost or have to worry about missing your take-off. Cruise ship's onshore excursions vary between cruise lines but many are decently priced and include lunch.

Tarzan Jungle Tour - This tour takes visiting Tarzan and Jane-wannabees trekking through beautiful jungle scenery and stretches of isolated beach – all by dune buggy – and all for a walloping $75.00 (U.S.) per person! For $75 you get an entire day of touring by dune buggy, snacks and refreshments (includes beer) and a picnic lunch amid the gorgeous Virgin Reef, which is nice, but not worth it for many readers.

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