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Cozumel travel is fairly easy. Most destinations are in town, so they are easily accessible on foot. Aside from the minibus that transports visitors from the airport to town, there is no bus service on Cozumel.

Downtown Cozumel looks like a grid from overhead. Its streets run one way, east and west. You should become familiar with Cozumel's main streets, if you plan to do a lot of walking or driving on your own.

You should be familiar with:

However the cheaper hotels and restaurants are located outside of town and require a taxi or rental car to get to them.

Cozumel Taxis – are easy accessible and quite economical on any part of Cozumel. It is recommended that you let your hotel call you a cab as they have a list of reputable taxi companies on file. It is also advisable to ask your driver for a flat rate to your destination before you enter the cab. To hire a taxi for a day of sight-seeing, you can probably haggle a better price out of the driver than you would pay to rent a car for the day.

Cozumel Rental Cars – If you want freedom to do what you want, when you want, then a rental car is the way to go. In addition to reputable companies like Budget or Avis, local companies such as Aguila are called 'rentadoras' and your hotel or travel agent should be able to arrange it for you.

Cozumel Moped Rentals – although very dangerous (they are the most common vehicle accidents on the island), they are readily available at most rental shops and prices are negotiable. If you do choose to rent a moped, always wear a helmet to avoid being fined and abide by Mexican driving regulations.

Biking Cozumel - Bicycles are the most inexpensive way to get about Mexico, but they can be as dangerous as mopeds for tourists who are unfamiliar with Cozumel roads and driving regulations. Be sure to wear a helmet for safety and to avoid a fine.

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