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Quite a few of Mexico's finest traditions originated in the city of Guadalajara (pronounced guad-a-la-hara). Before you go you may want to ensure you spell it correctly. Some spell it like it sounds, Guadalahara, or some just have no idea. It's one of those places, like Massachusetts, which is always spelled incorrectly; Guadaljara, Guadalara and Kwadalahara even. Mexico's second-largest city (the first is Mexico City) is responsible for mariachi music, drinking tequila, doing the Mexican Hat Dance and wearing sombreros – just to name a few.

Guadalajara's charm is similar to that of Mexico City. Guadalajara is a city rich in traditional culture, Mexican architecture, museums and galleries (which detail Mexico's vibrant native peoples), plus it offers an exuberant nightlife and sumptuous restaurants to sample Mexican foods. However what draws many vacationers to Guadalajara, rather then to Mexico City, is the fact that Guadalajara is modern and bustling like Mexico City, but with far less pollution and crime.

Spring breakers and fun seekers choose Guadalajara for their vacation destination for many reasons – the beach, the sites, the Guadalajara nightlife – but particularly for the tequila! If tequila is your beverage of choice – you won't want to miss sampling a nip in the nearby town it was coined after – Tequila, Mexico. Tequila and the towns near and around Guadalajara are renowned for turning out the finest Mexican crafts and handmade items – that are sure to be a big hit for those you left back home.

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