Guadalajara Environment

Guadalajara is Mexico's second largest city and home to 3-million people. With so many permanent residents, on top of the troves of visiting tourists, it's no surprise that Guadalajara is a major metropolis, tourist destination and business center. But while it's full of activity, Guadalajara urges tourists to leisurely explore its historic elements and take a break away from all its modern charm and convenience.

Although parts of Guadalajara, especially the city center, are bustling with action there are many places in Guadalajara that invite tourists to travel back into time and sample the historic elements of this stately city (which dates back to the 16th century). It is steeped in culture and religious tradition. Guadalajara's historic city center holds a wealth of antique monuments, parks, flower beds, fountains and cool places to sit protected under the shade of a thick tree.

Guadalajara offers something for every tourist – the action of live mariachi entertainment (a Guadalajara specialty), tasty restaurants and bustling locals; while also offering sites rich with the Guadalajara history of days gone by. All in all, Guadalajara is not the vacation destination for the resort-minded, but offers an exciting alternative to those looking to sample 'real Mexico', and all of its architectural magnificence, spicy flavor and exuberant people.

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