Guadalajara Events

Vacationing in Mexico is the perfect way to be immersed in authentic Guadalajara events & culture – especially if you plan to visit during one of the city's many vibrant festivals.

Encuentro Internacional Del Mariachi (beginning of September) – an eclectic Guadalajara event. It's when mariachi bands from around the globe play before knowledgeable audiences and jam with other mariachis. The International Encounter of Mariachi ends with a vibrant parade, showcasing the talents of thousands of mariachis and 'charros' (or Mexican cowboys) throughout downtown Guadalajara.

The Fiestas de Octubre (October) is Guadalajara's month-long party event, showcasing various cultural and artistic events - like art exhibits, musical and sporting events, and folkloric activities. The Guadalajara event also includes carnival rides, food markets, tequila products, local handicrafts, and local musicians.

The Guadalajara International Book Fair (November/December) – is currently the most popular book fair in Latin America. The Guadalajara International Book Fair is a mammoth array of published materials from publishing houses all over the world. It is a Guadalajara event bibliophiles wouldn't want to miss. Featuring cultural events, daily conferences, literary awards ceremonies and musical concerts and a different country serves the special guest each year.

Aniversario de la Ciudad (February 14th) – Guadalajara, founded in 1542, celebrates its anniversary every February with a 7-day series of government-sponsored events, traditional festivals and live concerts. A city-wide marathon, called the Guadalajara International Marathon, first occurred in 1984 and has since become a yearly tradition. The Marathon awards prizes in several different categories including a wheelchair race.

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