Guadalajara Nightlife

The Guadalajara, Mexico nightlife is responsible for mariachi music, tequila, the Mexican Hat Dance – need I say more! The jubilant party atmosphere is plentiful throughout Guadalajara and there are many different types of sophisticated music venues to select from. The Guadalajara nightlife diversity includes the beat of discos, the sway of salsa clubs, moody jazz and romantic piano bars. Guadalajara also has a healthy share of live ballet, performing arts and concert venues, as well as restaurants that feature live music or comedy.

Some favorite Guadalajara nightlife occurs in these hotspots:

Bar Copenhagen 77 – snuggle up to that special someone for Guadalajara's nightlife of modern jazz, classical guitar, Latin jazz and even bebop. Enjoy cocktails or a take in the moody vibe over dinner – the house specialty is paella.

El Cubilete (or the 'Dice Cup') doesn't get into the groove until about 10:30pm, but when it does it's to the sounds of vibrant salsa. El Cubilete is a small bar tucked away in the flourishing neighborhood of Las Nueve Esquinas, in old downtown Guadalajara. In fact, this area features a few other clubs – each worth having at least one drink at.

Bariachi – For a Guadalajara nightlife glitz and glamour check, check out Bariachi Mariachi bar, the place where guests dance the night away to the heart and soul of Guadalajaran Marichi music.

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