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Guadalajara's city center is home to the majority of the tourist attractions, entertainment, restaurants, etc., while Guadalajara's west side houses a set of more upscale hotels, restaurants, classy boutiques and shopping centers. Because the Mexican city is quite spaced out walking from your hotel to restaurants and tourist attractions is not an option. Taxis are your best transport in Guadalajara.

Guadalajara Taxi Cabs - are the most convenient way to get around Guadalajara. Taxis are metered, but cab drivers are hesitant to use them and opt to use flat rates for day, night and suburban trips instead. Cab fare is flat-rate around the hotels so it is a good idea to ask your hotel staff to quote you a rate for your destination before calling a cab.

Guadalajara Colectivo – is Guadalajara's electric bus system. It transports between downtown and the west side.

Guadalajara Bus – Guadalajara offers six different city bus routes – all offer different levels of service. Turquesa is the best bus service because they have air-conditioning, comfortable seats and only transport as many passengers as there are seats. Turquesa buses cost about 60¢ per trip.

Guadalajara Tren Ligero – is Guadalajara's light rail system. Although it doesn't offer transport to areas that are of interest to tourists it might well be of use to those on business travel.

Guadalajara Rental Car – Driving on Guadalajara main arteries can be quite slow and congested with trucks. Instead of spending your holiday in traffic jams opt for a taxi – as cab drivers are well aware of how to get around town and where and when to avoid high traffic zones.

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