Mexico's Budget Hotels

Where and when you will find good deals on Mexican accommodations will depend greatly on location. If you are seeking Mexico's budget hotels don't even look at beachfront accommodations. Budget hotels are frequently found farther from the beach and have moderate amenities. However, this doesn't mean you won't get any beach time. With some careful hunting you can find a decently priced hotel within walking distance to the waves.

Examples of economically priced hotels can be found in these popular Mexican cities:

Mexico City - Best Western Hotel de Cortés offers pristinely comfortable rooms in a converted Augustinian friar's residence. Here you will find value-priced accommodations all within walking distance to Mexico City's La Alameda Park and Mexico City's Palace of Fine Arts.

Guadalajara, Mexico - Hotel San Francisco Plaza is a two-story colonial hotel in downtown Guadalajara. It's close to many great restaurants and nightspots. Room rates are twice as cheap and just as comfortable as similar nearby hotels.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico - Cabo Inn was once a bordello (brothel), but no traces of its ill-reputed past remain. Today, the Cabo Inn accommodation caters mostly to those on fishing vacations. Cabo Inn offers the best budget accommodations in Cabo Wabo. It has cozy rooms, is super clean and is relatively close to the town center.

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