Mexico Camping

Mexico camping offers some of the most sensational opportunities in the world – from cliffs overlooking deserts to ridges overlooking snowy pine forests. Here are a few tips to make your Mexican camping trip safe and fun:

Plan for bad Weather - Mexico weather is very unpredictable. Tropical storms are frequent and can turn camping trips into drippy nightmares. Keep passports, drivers' licenses and important items in a clean dry place, such as a windproof bag.

Dress Properly – Campers should dress in layers so they can adapt easily to changing weather conditions. A day of camping can turn from a chilly morning to a muggy afternoon, to a frosty evening. Bring at least one wool sweater, a light cotton shirt and waterproof boots.

Drinking Water - Bring plenty of bottled water (about 2 to 4 gallons, per day, per person). Diarrhea and stomach illness often result from drinking water in Mexico.

Plan for Emergency – Bring proper supplies in an emergency kit in case an accident or illness occurs. Carry nonperishable food items and bring extra food in case you get lost or injured. Your emergency pack should be light enough to carry on hikes. You should also pack a tool kit in your trunk in case your vehicle breaks down.

Respect – It's wise to learn some Spanish if you plan to camp in Mexico in order to obtain campsites, directions, etc. Just because hotel staff knows how to speak English it doesn't mean that people residing in the out-laying areas will. Also, since tourists stand out avoid flashing money, wallets or electronic equipment – especially in deserted areas.

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