Mexico Wilderness Resorts

The following Mexican Wilderness Resorts are virtually isolated. They offer the most stunning examples of Mother Nature's artistry, but just because they are remote, doesn't mean they're rustic.

Danzante – this Mexican-style ranch by the sea is located 25-miles south of Loreto in the serene bay of Ensenada Blanca. Danzante is an all-inclusive eco-tourism resort, featuring 9 hilltop suites perched on a rocky mound and facing the Sea of Cortez. Guests check in here to get a break from civilization and a taste of old-world charm. The natural delights include underwater diving in the Loreto Marine Sanctuary, kayaking, horseback riding and hiking, dolphin swimming, whale-watching and sport fishing. Just because Danzante is secluded doesn't mean its uncivilized - therapeutic massage is offered right on your terrace.

Hotel Xixim – situated along Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula, ecology tours and bird watching are the scene at this comfortable beach resort. Check into one of Xixim's 15 ocean view cabanas, enjoy a delicious meal and head to bed early so you can enjoy a full day of swimming, biking, kayaking and shell hunting. The nearby Ria de Celestun Boishpere Reserve showcases the world's largest population of Pink Flamingos and also houses families of sea turtles and crocodiles. The delicate ecosystems include mangrove swamps, saltwater estuaries and a petrified forest.

Sierra Lodge – located in Chihuahua, Mexico, is nestled 7600-feet in the air, in a small pine valley. This jewel in the rough is a thick-logged wilderness resort, in beautiful Copper Canyon country. The tiled front porch overlooks the Cusarare River and log chairs offer panoramic views of the Cusarare River and its surrounding canyons. There's no electricity at Sierra Lodge; rooms are illuminated by kerosene lanterns and warmed by log stoves. This isn't the time for TV, but for hiking Copper Canyon's winding trails.

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