Mexico City Vacation

Mexico's capital, Mexico City is the oldest metropolis in North America. Simply called Mexico, this sprawling metropolis was discovered by the Aztec people in the 1300's. Today, Mexico City's majestic palaces and cathedrals rest on the ruins of Tenochtitlan, the former Aztec capital. Mexico City, with it's current population soaring around 20-million, provides the political, business, religious, art, urban and cultural pulse for the entire country, while still keeping a tight hold on its rich Aztec roots.

Unfortunately, many associate Mexico City with rampant pollution and overcrowding. While congestion has posed major problems and pollution has far surpassed even the city of Los Angeles Mexico's capital is rich in literature, art, Colonial Spanish architecture and religious tradition. The city is cast in the shadow of Popocatépetl and Ixtaccíhuatl – two volcanoes – and just beyond lie Mexico's most visited ruins - Teotihuacán and Tula

Since 1989, Mexico City has banned automobiles on certain days of the week (according to license plate numbers) to cut down on gas emissions and city traffic transportation congestion. Despite the smog and overcrowding on the Mexico City Metro and downtown cores, Mexico city offers a most enriching look into this gallant Country's past – from the crumbing Aztec ruins that lie on it's outskirts, to the glorious metropolis of Basilica's, mansions, historical landmarks and art galleries that now await it's guests.

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