Mexico City Excursions

Mexico City holds a wealth of culture and tradition in this historic city. A cornucopia of museums, art galleries and cathedrals are yours for the exploring.

Museo Mural Diego Rivera, Mexico City – this museum commemorates Mexico's most famous muralist and artist – Diego Rivera. The museum does it's best to both showcase and explain the creative process behind Rivera's most famous works of art.

Museo Frida Kahlo, Mexico City – also showcases the very home where Mexico's first couple of art, Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, resided. Located in the Coyoacan district of Mexico City, it displays the couple's private art collection, and also provided the setting for the 2002 film 'Frida' starring Latin American actress Salma Hayek.

Monumento a los Niños Heroes, Mexico City – translates to 'The Monument to the Young Heroes' stands in Chapultepec. Its six columns honor the six Cadets who jumped from the Castle of Chapultepec (a military academy) to their deaths rather then surrender to invading American troops.

Basilica de Nuestra Señora Guadalupe, Mexico City - the legend behind the construction of this mammoth, but modern place of worship dates back to 1531 when an indigenous boy had a vision of the Virgin. Guadalupe told the boy that a church should be built on this very spot. After the priest refused to believe the boy had another vision, but this time, a golden impression of Guadalupe appeared on the boy's coat. Upon seeing the indentation the priest recanted and had the church constructed. Even today the image and the ink that made it remains a mystery.

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