Mexico City Restaurants

On virtually any corner in Mexico City you'll find a sampling of authentic cuisine - from beachside taco stands to fine Latin dining. Mexico City also features a selection of restaurants from around the world – especially in Condesa and Polanco.

Mexico City offers an extensive menu of dining establishments, they include:

Les Moustaches Restaurant, Mexico– situated in the Cucuhtemoc area of Mexico City, this elegant Parisian-inspired restaurant is located in a European mansion. Guests will be please with a tantalizing entrée, wine and dessert menu. Both coat and tie are required and reservations are a must.

La Hacienda de los Morales Restaurant, Mexico – Dine on sumptuous Mexican fare, like spicy tequila shrimp at this converted colonial hacienda. Alternative dining arrangements can be had in La Hacienda's lovely garden and sprawling courtyard. Indoor diners will feast to piano and violin melodies. Reservations are required as well as a coat and tie.

La Casa de los Azulejos Restaurant, Mexico – which translates to the 'House of Tiles', is an inspiring 400-year-old building completely covered in blue tiles. The hacienda's interior boasts soaring ceilings and colorful murals. The specialty at La Casa de los Azulejos is breakfast – especially their menu of exotic juices, but they are also open for lunch and dinner.

Tamalli Restaurant, Mexico - Specializes in just that – authentic Mexican tamales. This take out only eatery offers fast, cheap service and they don't lack in variety. Traditional Mexican tamales are made from corn dough rolled into a pocket and filled with either a savory (such as chicken, potato, pork, vegetarian, curry or beef), or sweet filling (like sweet brown beans and pineapple, or sweet corn). Tamales are typically wrapped in corn husks or banana leaves and then steamed.

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