Things to do in Mexico City

Centro Historico – Mexico City's Colonial city center has a distinctly Spanish air to it. More than 1,400 historic landmarks still exist here – including the Cathedral, Palacio National and the Templo Mayor. Mexico City's main plaza, or Zocala, rivals Moscow's Red Square in size and unites the city's main business, government historic and religious organizations.

Zona Rosa – (translates to 'pink zone'), calls attention to the pinkish-colored tiles that line the street. Zona Rosa is the commercial hub of Mexico City – crammed with boutique shops, classy restaurants, luxury hotels and other tourist needs. Expect to spend a pretty penny to be near the action and nightlife here.

San Angel along with Zona Rosa are Mexico City's hottest night spots. San Angel is where the superbly rich and trendy folk live, dine and dance.

Coyoacan – Artists Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera once resided in the Coyoacan district. Sure, Coyaacan's cobbled streets are still home to a few sprawling mansions, but its Central Plaza is now busy with street performers - the perfect family entertainment.

Bosque de Chapultepec – which means 'Place of the Grasshopper', is a giant park area featuring the Mexico City Zoo, the Anthropology Museum and the Chapultepec Fun Fair. The highlight is the Cahpultepec Castle, the palace that once belonged to notorious ruler Maximilian.

Floating Gardens of Xochimilco – (pronounced Soh-chee-mill-koe), is a floating garden of brightly decorated boats that float along a 50-mile network of canals. In Aztec times these boats were beautified with fresh flowers, but today they are decorated with elaborate designs.

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