Waste of Time or Money Mexico City

Mexico City encapsulates the best and worst Mexico has to offer. While this sprawling metropolis is steeped in the tradition of the Aztec people it is rich with treasures such as mystic ruins and Spanish-inspired basilicas. As well as being the cultural hub of Mexico the capital city is also ripe with business, art and urban culture. However, this crowded metropolis faces as much criticism as it does praise. The reality is Mexico City is the most polluted city in the world today.

Car Rentals – Renting a car in Mexico City is extremely expensive and ranges from $60 to $70 dollars per day at most of the car rental companies you'll find in and around the airport. However, if you do plan to rent a car regardless of the price, keep in mind that you might be wasting your money. One day out of every week in Mexico City has been deemed 'Dia Sin Auto', which translates to 'No Autos Day'. On designated days of the week cars with certain license plate numbers are not permitted to drive within Mexico City's boundaries. Before you rent a car keep in mind that you will be unable to drive it for one day each week of your vacation.

Pollution – If you suffer from severe allergies due to smog and environmental pollutants December and January are the worst months to travel to Mexico City. It is during these winter months that smog is the thickest and most noticeable in Mexico City.

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