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Mexico City's Metro – is an efficient and inexpensive (about $2) way to travel. However, the train does get extremely crowded in the morning and afternoon rush hour. It's best to avoid riding the Metro at these times for comfort reasons and because of pick-pockets. Travel by metro can be faster than by car or taxi if the traffic outside is heavy. Keep in mind that during the rainy season (between May and October) trains run slower because they must slow down to avoid skidding.

Mexico City's Taxis – In Mexico City it is wise to only use official taxis with an official taxi company license – or 'Sitio' - to avoid becoming a victim of taxi related crime. Getting about by taxi cab is relatively inexpensive in Mexico. The city's taxis are metered or charge flat fares according to zone. Sitio metered cabs are inspected annually so the fare on the meter will be correct. Mexico City's independent taxis are not inspected. These are generally painted green and white, but some of the newer cabs are white with a bright red stripe. If you don't speak any Spanish independent taxi drivers may try to rip you off. Regardless of the taxi you hail always ensure the license card is clearly visible. If it isn't don't get in!

Mexico City's Local City Buses - Green and white painted minibuses are easy to spot in Mexico City. They're your connection to the entire city and they are very cheap. However, just like the Metro, buses get overly crowded at rush hour. So be mindful of pickpockets if you can't avoid traveling during this time.

Mexico City's Rental Cars - If you desire to visit any of the nearby ruins or small villages you might want to rent a car for a flexible trip. Rental cars are very pricy (average $60 per day). So if you're just staying in Mexico City, best make use of the taxis, buses and Metro. In fact, one day out of every week in Mexico City is deemed 'Dia Sin Auto', which translates to 'No Autos Day'. Days are determined according to license plate numbers.

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