Mexican Clothing

Mexican clothing in general is very basic. Swimsuits, sundresses, shorts, t-shirts and tank tops should be the first pieces of clothing in your suitcase. Most of Mexico enjoys summer almost all year round (except for Villahermosa which is always humid and San Cristobal which is frigid in winter). If you plan to sightsee ensure your Mexican clothing includes comfortable walking shoes; they are likely the key Mexican travel wear. And most important of your Mexican clothing… don't forget a good pair of sunglasses, a hat and a few bottles of sunscreen – after all you don't want to wreck your vacation with a sun burn.

Even though most of Mexico enjoys temperate weather, compared with much of North America and the UK, it is still a slave to its seasons. The best way to determine how to pack your Mexican clothing is to refer to the season you will be traveling in.

If you need to buy Mexican clothing check out the regional Mexico shopping pages: Acapulco Shopping, Cabo San Lucas Shopping, Cancun Shopping, Cozumel Shopping, Guadalajara Shopping, Mexico City Shopping and Puerto Vallarta Shopping. Don't miss our Top 5 Things to Buy in Mexico list.

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