Mexico FAQ

Are foreign travelers a target for crime in Mexico?
Mexico's pick pockets depend on tourists for their livelihood. Pickpockets do most of their handiwork in crowded areas like the Metro (subway). Pick pocketing can be prevented by keeping your wallet, passports and camera in a money belt or securely tucked under your shirt and out of view from curious eyes. It is also smart not to flash money or electronic equipment around in crowded areas.

What about highway robbery?
The crime in Mexico unfortunately doesn't end with pickpockets. Many of us have heard news stories about highway robbery in Mexico. Highway robbers typically attack buses at night on secluded stretches of highway, but there have even been incidences in the daytime as well. It is advised not to travel by bus on rural routes, especially late at night.

What time of year is Mexico especially at risk of hurricanes?
Recently Mexico has been pummeled with a series of hurricanes. Mexico is generally at the highest risk for hurricanes during May through to October. This period is known as Mexico's rainy season. This however, doesn't mean that Mexico suffers hurricanes at this time every year. May to October tends to experience sporadic rain storms, but keep in mind that these storms only last about 5 minutes and result in cooler temperatures – perfect for sightseeing. Read our Mexico Weather page for more detail.

Where is Mexico's top scuba diving and snorkeling destination?
Cozumel is consistently dubbed the top dive destination in the Western world. Over 50 dive shops do business in Cozumel, and most hotels offer dive packages which include either one or two days of diving with a certified master diver. Cozumel's most popular dive locations are Palancar Reef, the Santa Rosa Wall and the San Francisco Reef. Divers in Cozumel must show proof of certification.

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