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Mexico Gay Travel: Even though Mexico is largely Catholic and machismo it's surprisingly welcoming to gay and lesbian vacationers. Homosexuality is legal in Mexico and large gay communities, which flourish in Mexico City, Guadalajara, Tijuana, Cancun, Puerto Vallarta and Acapulco, have made sure that anti-discrimination laws are in place and respected.

Puerto Vallarta is especially accepting of gay and lesbian travelers in Mexico. Gay and lesbian Mexicans flock here because it's a place where families, gay, lesbian and straight vacationers can mingle harmoniously.

Puerto Vallarta offers an exotic alternative to the standard gay dance clubs of Florida and California – and all just a half-mile from the beach. It's not that Puerto Vallarta's nightlife isn't wild – which it most definitely is – but it's that the majority of Puerto Vallarta's bars are gay-friendly. If you desire a designated gay Mexico bar El Morbo, Paco Paco, Los Balcones, The Ranch, Apaches, Los Amigos and The Palm are your top choices.

Puerto Vallarta's, Mexico gay beach is a gem set directly on the main shoreline, on the south end of Playa los Muertos (Beach of the Dead). The Mexico gay beach was dubbed 'Blue Chairs', simply because it offers an endless line of blue deck-chairs for lounging. Facilities at Blue Chairs Beach also include palm-thatched sunshades as well as a Mexican beach bar and restaurant. Conveniently located just across the street is the Blue Chairs Hotel – providing Puerto Vallarta Mexico with foremost gay accommodations.

In addition to its liberal-minded ambience Puerto Vallarta also offers a slew of ecological adventures. For example, hop aboard the Princesa Yelapa and enjoy the bar on the sail over to the Isle of Yelapa's hiking trails, waterfall and lagoon.

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