Pie de la Cuesta - Mexico

Mexico Location: Approximately 6-miles northwest of Acapulco

Pie de la Cuesta – translates to 'Foot of the Sunset'. This stretch of heavenly beachscape lounges in the admiring gaze of the sun just 6-miles northwest of Acapulco. Pie de la Cuesta's narrow sliver of paradise is perfect for wedding ceremonies and honeymoons as it sits at the base of the scenic Sierra Madre (Sierra Mountains) and is hugged by beach on one side and along the shore of Coyuca Lagoon, a freshwater pool, on the other. It offers more breathtaking scenery then one could enjoy in a year of vacation let alone a week.

Pie de la Cuesta provides perfect solitude for wedding backdrops and couples seeking romantic retreats as it's been untouched by the hand of commercialism; like so many of Acapulco's sprawling resorts. Many choose to take a few nights away from Acapulco's bustling heart to enjoy a few days of Pie de la Cuesta solitude.

Newlyweds and visitors might be tempted to linger on Pie de la Cuesta's fantastic shoreline – swinging in a hammock and listening to the lap of waves, enjoying sunset strolls along the soft, white sand, partaking in the thrill of water sports, or enjoying a cruise to one of Pie de la Cuesta's three islands – guys will especially appreciate the fact that one of these islands provided the jungle locale for the film 'Rambo'.

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