Top 5 Places to Eat

  1. Le Kliff Restaurant & Bar - Perched cliff side in Puerto Vallarta is Le Kliff, is a mammoth palapa (thatched roof) restaurant. Le Kliff has received many accolades including mention in The Guinness Book of World Records for having the 'World's Largest Palapa'. Le Kliff serves tender delights from the ocean below such as tequila shrimp, blackened fish and juicy filet mignon.

  2. Casa Fuerte – When fashion designer Irene Pulos turned her trendy clothing showroom into Guadalajara's hottest patio café, Casa Fuerte, she didn't anticipate an equally hot set of diners. Casa Fuerte draws heat from its spicy Mexican cuisine.

  3. El Olvido – overlooks a stunning vista of Acapulco Bay on its elegant open-air terrace. El Olvido is pricy, but worth the view alone; not to mention entrees of juicy quail and tender sea bass topping the menu.

  4. Festival of San Lucas – Each March 8th Cabo San Lucas hosts an elaborate 11-day festival in honor of the city's Patron Saint – St. Joseph. The 'feastivity' centered in downtown Cabo San Lucas features carnivals and parades, but food vendors will tantalize your taste buds with the freshest made tamales and tacos.

  5. Tamalli - Specializes in authentic Mexican City tamales. Tamalli's is a take-out only eatery whipping up traditional corn dough pockets, filled with your choice of savory or sweet fillings and wrapped in corn husks then steamed to perfection. Famous tamales include sweet brown beans and pineapple, chicken, potato, pork, vegetarian, curry or beef.

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