Top 5 Things to Buy

  1. A Pie on Yelapa Island – Yelapa is a hippy-esque sanctuary, void of modern conveniences like cars and electricity. On the beach local merchants can be found strolling along the beach and peddling their scrumptious homemade pies. You won't miss Yelapa's pie ladies, the only thing more amazing then the taste of their pies is the way they balance them on their heads on wooden boards as they stroll along the beach. A tasty coconut, chocolate cream or fruit-filled pie can be had for a good price – depending on your bartering skills.

  2. A Piece of Art in Tonal - Tonal Village, located minutes from the famed Tlaquepaque shopping district in Guadalajara, is home to over 6-thousand craftsmen and artists selling their creative efforts in a colorful open-air market every Thursday and Sunday.

  3. A Ticket to Teatro Degollado – Guadalajara's prestigious Teatro Degollado hosts a variety of dramatics – ballet, Mariachi bands and the Jalisco Philharmonic. But the theater itself is a magnificent work of art – decked out in murals, Corinthian columns and a marble relief of Apollo and the Nine Muses – the Teatro Degollado is the perfect place to find some culture on your vacation.

  4. Huichol Indian Art - Descendants of the Aztecs, the Huichol Indians preserve their culture, language and traditions in the seclusion of the Sierra Foothills near Puerto Vallarta. But traditional Huichol art and homemade crafts can be purchased on the streets of Vallarta, where a number of Indians can be seen regularly peddling their wares. Huichol Indians are unmistakable – dressed in colorfully woven fabrics, much the same as their art. A traditional Huichol Indian clay turtle or snake makes the perfect Mexican souvenir.

  5. The Guadalajara International Book Fair – From November to December Guadalajara hosts the most popular book fair in Latin America. Here visitors can explore a wealth of published works from Mexico and all over the world and enjoy a day of cultural events, musical concerts and special guest lecturers.

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