Top 5 Things to Miss

  1. Mexico's Rainy Season – which generally occurs during the months of May through October, is the season when risk of tropical storms and hurricanes are high. Rainstorms in Mexico only last a few minutes but if you don't like the rain it can really put a damper on your holiday. If you don't mind the dampness the lower temperatures caused by rain can make sightseeing cooler. Check out the Mexico Weather section for more detail.

  2. Rural Bus Travel – We've all heard horror stories on the news about foreign travelers who've become victims of Mexican highway robbers. Highway crime is a real risk in Mexico, with highway robbers most likely to attack buses at night on stretches of deserted highway. It's not wise for tourists (especially those who don't know Spanish) to travel by bus on rural, nighttime routes. Many travel agents will advise you to book passage on an organized bus tour, rent a car or hire a taxi for the day.

  3. Renting Mopeds – Moped accidents are the number one cause of foreign deaths in busy cities like Mexico City and Cozumel. But mopeds, although very dangerous, are readily available at most rental shops throughout Mexico. Tourists are often convinced to rent mopeds because they're cheaper then rental cars. If you do decide to rent a moped, always wear a helmet to avoid being fined and abide by Mexico's driving regulations.

  4. Cabo San Lucas Spring Break & Cancun Spring Break - Cabo San Lucas and Cancun are Mexico's hottest spring break destinations. During this time the populations of both these cities swells to double the size. If you don't want to find yourself chasing tequila shots at a foam party, avoid visiting both Cabo Wabo and Cancun between mid-February and mid-April.

  5. Car Rental ScamsRenting a car in a busy center like Mexico City or Puerto Vallarta is very expensive (from $60 to $70 per day). Beware of signs in and around the airport quoting car rentals for $20 a-day as this is a scam used to lure unknowing tourists into timeshare presentations. You'll still come out with no wheels.

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