Top 5 Things to See

  1. Dia de Muertos – Each November 1st and November 2nd all of Mexico is adorned with skeletons, elaborate wreaths, macabre toys, candles, silk flowers and edible treats made into skulls, coffins and bones to commemorate the souls of loved ones that have deceased. Family burial plots are colorfully adorned and commemorative altars are erected in family homes. November 1st is generally set aside to commemorate 'angelitos' (deceased infants and children); while November 2nd is set aside to commemorate deceased adults. The Dia de Muertos festival culminates with a parade of masked skeletons and fireworks.
  2. Encuentro Internacional Del Mariachi – At the beginning of each September mariachi bands and charros (Mexican Cowboys) from around the world gather for The International Encounter in Guadalajara.
  3. The Plunge at La Quebrada – Cliff divers take wow the crowds at La Quebrada's 30-meter cliffs when they dive into the narrow ocean cove below. Tourists can get a front row view of the divers from the terrace at Plaza Las Glorias El Mirador Hotel or from the hotel restaurant and bar - La Perla.

  4. See Red at a Bullfight – From December through to March traditional Mexican bullfights, called 'Fiesta Brava' are held weekly at Acapulco's Plaza de Toros. Tickets can be purchased for $17 to $40.
  5. The Malecón –This waterfront boardwalk is adorned with art and sculptures from world renowned Mexican artists and traces the entire length of downtown Puerto Vallarta. One famous statuette 'Boy on the Seahorse' has been adopted as the image of Puerto Vallarta. The Malecon is a hive of activity and also includes a grand outdoor amphitheater where busker festivals, folklore dances and live concerts take place daily. The hub of Vallarta's nightlife can also be found along the Malecon's path.

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