Mexico Transportation

Mexican transportation by car rental, plane, bus and even taxi are all popular options - depending on where you're planning to travel.

Mexico Transportation: Car Rentals

Rental Cars in Mexico aren't a very good idea for those unfamiliar with Mexico's transportation system, Mexico's roadways and Mexico's driving regulations. However, for Mexican transportation a rental car provides freedom, flexibility and access to outlying areas. To rent a car you must be 25 years-old, with a credit card and a valid driver's license.

Mexico Transportation: Flights

Mexico's two major airlines are Aeromexico and Mexicana, which offer the most unrestricted travel schedules and routes within Mexico's transportation network. Both Mexican airlines have airports throughout the country; so flying from one city to another is efficient and safe. Keep in mind, that while Mexico's air transportation is vast, domestic flights can be relatively expensive because both airlines are owned by the same company; so there is no battle over lower flights. Although smaller, independent airlines exist in Mexico, the air transportation routes and schedules tend to be limited.

Mexico Transportation: Buses

Transportation by Mexico's buses is a great way to travel if on a budget. Mexican tourists can buy tickets aboard luxury buses for peanuts compared to the price of air travel. Luxury bus transportation in Mexico is similar to executive-style travel with routes covering the entire country. These modern buses are air-conditioned and limit passengers to 25. Executive buses use toll-routes so journeys are efficient. Mexico's 2nd class bus transportation offer safe budget travel, but efficiency is compromised with stops at every little town along the route. Local Mexican bus transportation is the cheapest and buses exist in every Mexican city and town. Be careful; they don't restrict passengers and are often so packed that people literally hang out of the doors.

Mexico Transportation: Taxis

If you're going to use a taxi, as your choice of Mexico's transportation service, ensure you use only official taxis - those associated with a 'Sitio' (reputed taxi company) or one called by your hotel. Taxi crime does exist in Mexico so many Mexican hotels have affiliated with Sitio taxi companies and will call one for you. Mexico's transportation guide recommends that you don't hail a cab off the street if you don't speak some Spanish. For the most part Mexican taxis are inexpensive because they judge the fare by meter or zone (usually pre-determined fares depending on which zone you're traveling to).

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