Mexico Buses

Mexico Buses are the most common mode of public transportation there. Mexico buses run frequently, offer many accessible routes and are often the only way to get from large cities to other nearby cities and small villages. Whenever possible reserve your Mexico bus ticket a day in advance, especially around holiday and peak-season times.

Dozens of Mexico bus companies operate large, air-conditioned, 'Greyhound-type' buses for travel between most cities. Classes are second (segunda), first (primera), and deluxe (ejecutiva). Deluxe Mexico buses often have fewer seats than regular buses so they are generally more expensive. However, you get your money's worth as these Mexico buses often show movies, provide air-conditioning and offer direct runs with no stops. In rural areas, Mexico buses are similar to yellow school bus-style transportation – with no air-conditioning or movies. But the tickets for rural Mexico buses are cheaper, and if you want to get close to the local people and culture, Mexico bus travel is the way to experience it.

Many travelers to Mexico have heard about highway robbery on the news. Unfortunately it is a real risk to Mexico buses. Highway robbers typically attack Mexico buses at night on secluded stretches of highway. For this reason it is often suggested that tourists refrain from traveling on rural route Mexico buses late at night. However, there have been some instances of daylight Mexico bus robberies as well. Mexico Buses are thought to be a more common target than individual cars because they offer thieves a one-stop cash grab.

Mexico also provides bus transport by 'peseros' or 'combis', which are mini sedans or minibuses that transport passengers along Mexico's major roads. You can spot 'peseros' by their green and gray color. 'Combis' are known to provide more comfort and speed than the regular Mexico bus.

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