Mexico City Metro

The subway system in Mexico City is called the Metro. It is subway-style transportation which offers passengers a quick ride for just 20-cents per ride. It is not unusual for Mexico City's Metro to transport more than 5-million riders per day. Ten lines crisscross the sprawling city. Each Mexico metro train has nine cars and ten Metro lines exist throughout Mexico City.

The Mexico Metro offers the smoothest and most efficient transport in Mexico City. However, it is extremely muggy and crowded during rush hour, especially during daylight hours and before and after work on weekdays, when passengers are jammed into the Mexico Metro's cars like sardines. Vacationers have the luxury of being on holidays so they should plan their outings during off-peak Mexico Metro hours to avoid the crowds. Any baggage larger than a small carry-on or briefcase is not permitted onto the Mexico Metro.

The Mexico Metro system runs:

Note to tourists: Watch your bags, cameras, purses and your pockets, as Mexico Metro pickpockets are extremely savvy and prey particularly on foreign tourists. Pickpockets prefer to strike on crowded trains when bumping into people is not unusual. They use this opportunity to empty your purses, pockets and money belts without even being noticed. You can prevent pickpoketing by carrying any valuables tucked inside your clothing.

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